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We Make It Easy

  • Are you considering starting your own business?
  • Do you have a self-employed business and want to know if you should be a proprietor or should incorporate?
  • Are you able to meet your start-up/continuing book-keeping requirements?
  • Do you feel comfortable handling your payroll/HST/PST/EHT/WSIB periodic returns?

  • Have you recently reviewed your corporate and personal income tax planning?
  • Are you planning on or already doing business in the United States?
  • Have you been claiming all your eligible deductions in the annual income tax returns?
  • Have you been receiving all the benefits/credits that you are entitled to receive from CRA?

  • Did you receive an inquiry/letter from CRA requesting information?
  • Have you maximized your RRSP/TFSA contributions?

The majority of the clients that I work with have met these questions with uncertainty. I have assisted clients in addressing these areas and helped them focus in growing their business.


My mission is to provide my clients with a complete array of professional services tailored to each client’s specific and individual needs. I aim to build strong relationships with my clients. I work with my clients to identify and assist with their needs and offer proactive, efficient and effective solutions at a reasonable cost.

I have earned my experience as a practicing Chartered Accountant since 2008. I am a Big Four Accounting firm alumni. I completed my CICA in-depth tax course in 2010. Over the years, I have developed simpler approaches for my client’s in addressing their corporate and personal tax compliance needs. 

I have over 9 year’s experience as a Chartered Accountant at my present location in Mississauga.

My clientele is a mix of entrepreneurial owners, professionals, doctors, salaried individuals and family owned businesses. My clients include franchise owners, Medical and dental clinics, Professionals (individual physicians, dentists, lawyers, chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc.), Real estate, Construction, Restaurants, IT, Web-based, Retail and not-for-profit organizations. I address their accounting, income tax and personal tax needs. I also offer bookkeeping and much needed hand holding when necessary. I have addressed the matters when my clients call with their issues and taken this responsibility personally.

I have experience working with owner-managed businesses including cross-border matters with United States. I will do my best to assist and can reach out to a network of specialists when needed for complex tax or business matters. I help my clients with issues related to bank requests, CRA or regulatory filings related.

Over the years my clients continue to be loyal to my services. I am a telephone call away.


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We are always ready to help you. There are many ways to contact us. You may drop us a line, give us a call or send an email, choose what suits you most.

  • Telephone: (416) 795-1654
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Office hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM